November 12, 2021 2 min read

4 Ways to Style Your PonchoThe Poncho may very well be the most underrated piece in a woman’s closet. They are simple, practical, and if you pick a solid poncho they can be timeless staple you can go back to year after year. I personally own a handful of ponchos in various solid colors and knit patterns. 

I live in Napa Valley, California and we dress in layers.  Our mornings tend to be cool until the fog burns off. 

Cozy Cover Up

If you are like me and work at a desk you tend to get cold easily. Or sometimes when you go out to dinner with friends or at the theatre and as the evening wears do you notice it gets chillier? I know I do.  I always carry a poncho that easily rolls up and fits in my purse just for these occasions. You can use your poncho as cozy coverup to keep you warm. Here we are using it length wise on the arms for maximum coverup.

Less is more if you are going for a classy look.  You can use it dress up an outfit for an elegant night out. Here we are pinning it with a shawl pin for the caplet look.

Or go casual-comfy with your poncho. Wear it at an angle to make it more interesting and to break up the lines.

If that isn't enough to convince you to go get a poncho you can also wear it like a scarf to protect you from the chilly wind. This is great for really windy or cold weather as it doesn't add extra bulk to the sleeves of your coat but still gives you the protection and warmth where you need it most.

As I said before, depending on the poncho you get they tend to be small and compact and can be easily rolled up and put into your purse to take on the go with you. If you do not already own a poncho consider getting one today!

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Michael Garcia Davila
Michael Garcia Davila

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