Coffee Coaster

Our coasters are the perfect reminder at home or work of the vision we are pursuing in Nepal.  Each coaster showcases the pangden pattern of a unique people group.  The beautiful color patterns also indicate the marital status of the woman.

Each coaster is hand-crafted by our local artisans.  To create a coaster, a woman weaves the pangden in the traditional style which is then hand-stitched to our genuine, vegetable tanned leather.  Made to last, you will enjoy your new coaster each morning.  Our coasters are great as meaningful gifts as well!  

Product Details 

  • Made of eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather (50%) and woolen or synthetic pangden (50%).
  • Please note: Each coaster is handcrafted; leather and pangden pattern may vary slightly.
  • Dimensions: 3.25" x 3.25" ... (you know, coffee cup size 😄)
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