Table Runner-Desert Collection

Each table runner is unique, woven by hand from 100% wool yarn. Because wool is a natural insulator, these table runners protect your furniture from moisture or heat, easily fitting up to three hot dishes. These runners are listed as a color set, inspired by the color of our North African home. You will receive one of the runners pictured in the selected color, but we cannot guarantee a specific pattern. These also work beautifully as decor adding textural interest to your coffee table, dresser, or shelf.


~Measures approximately 28x11 inches.
~Crafted from locally produced, 100% wool.
~These table runners are available in sage, sky blue, deep purple, or dusty rose.

Care Instructions: Gently hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. 

We follow fair trade practices. Our goal is to love our neighbors well, not to make a large profit. Your purchase directly supports and empowers the Arab woman who crafted it.

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