Wall Hanging - Black and Gray

This wall art was woven entirely by hand in a process that took several hours. It has been hand tied onto a section of date palm frond with a braided yarn hanging-string. Each wall hanging is one-of-kind and these are listed as a black, gray and/or cream color batch with a variety of designs. Hang these on a door, in your dorm room, or in your office to add color and textural interest. They also make great gifts!


~Each tapestry measures approximately 6x8 inches(tassels not included), with a braided cord for hanging.
~Made of locally produced, 100% wool.
~These wall hangings are available in variety of designs using black, cream, and/or grey yarn. You will receive a wall hanging in the colors shown, but we cannot guarantee a specific pattern. 
~Our artisans are newly trained, so many pieces contain small imperfections, adding to their character.

Care Instructions: Gently hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. 

We follow fair trade practices. Our goal is to love our neighbors well, not to make a large profit.

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